Last week I checked out a new Growler bar that opened in Medford. Growler King has such a cool atmosphere, complete with a variety of beers and ciders on tap. I especially liked that he had small breweries on tap as well as the big Oregon beer brands. If you want to stay and hangout the space has a pool table and lounge area so you can enjoy your beer and have a good time!

The owner is extremely friendly and knowledgeable about all the beers on tap. All I had to do was tell him my preferences and he poured samples for me to try. Personally, I tried one of the best Lagers I have ever had (more details on that to come).

He took the time to get to know me and made me feel extremely welcome. Which is exactly what most people hope for when they visit a Growler bar.

Growler King opened last week and I highly recommend going. Good beer and good company equals a perfect beer-drinking environment!

Growler King
21 Elk St. Medford, OR

– Sierra


One thought on “Growler King

  1. I work for one of his other Growler Kings. He Is amazing at what he does. Come check out the Growler King at Quality Market.

    Thanks for publishing this.

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