I typically drink PBR.
Because it’s cheap and it lets the cowboys know that I’m not like a regular girl,
I’m a fun girl.

Regardless, it’s probably about time that I acquire an adult taste in adult beverages.
I agreed to expand my horizons and give this ‘Craft Beer’ craze a try;
In the name of education, I headed to Beerworks in Medford.

Lovely presentation.

I had a PBR-drinking buddy with me, and together we tried just about every beer on tap.
We learned quickly that lots of hops are not for us.
I made a mental note of that for the future.

I quickly chose my favorites out of the selection.

Here I am with the runner up: Oops and Oats. (10.7% ABV,  50 IBU)

It reminded me of Guinness. I know Guinness. I’m comfortable with Guinness.

This beer was a meal in a glass and I loved every second of it.
Roasty, creamy, and warming: This brew knocked my socks off.
(I stole that from the description on the menu. But it stands true.)

And the winner is: Kali’s Cooler (6.0% ABV, 17 IBU)

Maybe it was the color. Maybe it was the fruity taste. Maybe it’s just everything I’ve ever wanted and never knew I needed.

Just in time for Spring, organic hibiscus, ginger, and lime all join together in this beautiful medley.
It was smooth and mellow, different and delightful.
Just like me.

“What do you think ‘IBU’ means?”
– I asked my tasting buddy as we signed our receipts and reached for our bags.

“I don’t know. Let’s ask Google!”
– She said.

IBU is an abbreviation for the International Bitterness Units scale, a gauge of beer’s bitterness. What IBUs measure are the parts per million of isohumulone found in a beer. Isohumulone is the acid found in hops that gives beer its bitter bite.”
– Google

– We exclaimed as beer finally began to make sense to us.

What I learned:

I like dark beer.
I like pink beer.
Apart from that, I should always trust IBUs to direct my path.

– Danielle


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