We all have had those nights, whether we are proud of it or not (or you just don’t remember, and that’s okay too).

You go out, go a little too hard, and have maybe one too many drinks. But it’s cool, everyone does that, right?

It always seems to be okay… until the next morning.

You wake up; head is spinning, stomach queasy, body aches, and you feel like your mouth is the Sahara desert and you haven’t had a sip of water in days.

Ahh yes, we meet again.

This my friends, is a hangover.

The single best way to remind myself I had a wild night.

No, I don’t have a bunch of selfies on my phone, or some guy’s number.

I just feel like shit.

As unpleasant as hangovers are, there seems to be no exact way to feel better after a long night of drinking. Wouldn’t you think someone would have thought of a fix to this by now?

Well, the reason there is no easy fix is because there is no one reason to having a hangover.

Drinking alcohol may have a bigger effect on your body than you think, which then causes you to feel some or all of these symptoms the next day (depending on the person—some people can make it out alive without even the slightest headache).

5 Reasons for Your Hangover:

  1. Your body produces more urine.
    This leads to dehydration, which is the cause of thirst and dizziness in the morning.
  1. Your immune system has an inflammatory response.
    This is commonly the cause of several physical symptoms like being unable to concentrate, loss of appetite, and laziness.
  1. Alcohol irritates the lining of your stomach.
    There is an increase in the production of stomach acid and a delay stomach emptying. Any of these factors can cause abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting.
  1. Your blood vessels expand.
    Main cause for headaches.
  1. Congeners.
    These are substances found in alcohol other than the type of alcohol itself. It usually includes small amounts of chemicals like methanol, acetone, acetaldehyde, esters, tannins, aldehydes, and fusel alcohols.

These give alcohol its distinct flavors, and are found in higher amounts in darker alcohol like whisky and red wine.

According to howstuffworks.com, a study where 33 percent of those who drank an amount of bourbon relative to their body weight reported severe hangover, while only 3 percent of people who drank the same amount of vodka recorded a hangover.

The outcome of the experiment concluded with that congeners were a significant source of  hangovers, but still couldn’t be traced to being the only cause.

So, now we know what the alcohol is doing to us.

But that leaves us with another question.

When we DO wake up about ready to puke, because I hate to say it but it is inevitable sometimes, what can we do about it?     


You can come across many different ways to fix your hangover. Some people even swear by one method or another. The trick is finding what works best for you.

Hangover cures:

Hair of the Dog-
Even though all this may do is prolong the time before your hangover hits, it does hold it off for a couple hours. Some specialists say drinking the next morning is one of the worst things you can do, because you aren’t giving your body time to recover. But sometimes the need for a mimosa surpasses everything else, and in that case, I say go for it.

Eating a Greasy Meal-
This is one of the most promised by methods. A plate of bacon, eggs, hash browns and toast rarely sounds better than after a long night of drinking. Plus, this meal may actually be more beneficial than you thought! Replacing the fatty acids in your body with the grease can be beneficial, as well as a compound found in eggs called taurine, which helps liver damage from alcohol.  So next time you’re in a breakfast house, wearing sunglasses, regretting everything, just remember you’re replenishing your body—what’s so bad about that?

Drinking Fluids-
Dehydration is one of the main causes of hangovers. Replacing fluids won’t help completely, but it will make you feel a little less miserable. Replacing electrolytes is something many people say makes them feel a lot better, so stock up on some Gatorade or other sports drinks to help get some of those back in your body. Fruit juice is also a good drink choice. This will give you a bit of a sugary kick and some energy, while also detoxing your body and replacing essential minerals. Many people think coffee will make your hangover worse, but if you are a regular drinker, don’t forget your morning cup, or that caffeine headache will seem worse than usual.

Pain Relievers-
These usually are helpful during a hangover due to the fact that most pain relievers are for anti-inflammatory purposes. Due to the fact that most scientists think several aspects that cause a hangover are due to various parts of the body being irritated or inflamed. So these will be very helpful with that. You can find these over the counter and want to look for the ingredients ibuprofen (Advil) and/or naproxen (Aleve).

This is not the end of remedies people believe will cure a hangover. But even scientists aren’t sure if there is an exact cure. My best advice would be to drink lots of water and eat a good meal BEFORE going out.

And if (when) you end up waking up hung over, hopefully one of these (or any other, there are hundreds you can find on the internet) will at least be able to make you feel a little bit better!

But just remember you’re not alone, we have all been there, and together we will do our best to fight off the horrible hangover.


– Malia


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