What’s better than tasting a bunch of really good beers and ciders? Tasting a bunch of really good beers and ciders with a group of friends! This week I took a field trip to The Little Woody Festival Rogue Valley. This festival featured beers that were higher in alcohol content and in hops than I would normally prefer, but I managed to find some festival favorites. The top cider goes to the Oak Aged Pinot Barrel Cherry Cider from Wildcraft Cider Works and the top craft beer goes to Base Camp Brewing Company’s Biere de Mars. This is actually the second time I have had the Biere de Mars and I absolutely love it!

Aside from having a great time beer and cider tasting, I was joined by another TapHouse 1859 member! Combined we had a great group of people. TapHouse 1859 also reconnected with the owner of Growler King! It was fun seeing a friendly face at a big festival. In the end no beer drinking festival is complete without a game of Giant Jenga, even if the game wasn’t finished due to rain. This beer adventure was a great way to end the week!

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– Sierra

– Photography: CJ


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