This week I got to try some of the best dry ciders I have ever had! I met Quannah Garland Combs Jr. at Growler Guys in Ashland, OR. (By the way, Growler Guys in Ashland is about one of the coolest beer drinking locations ever!)

Growler Guys has over 70 beers, ciders, and Kombucha on tap. I personally go there to hang out a few times a month. Growler Guys always has something new and interesting to try. I am sure anyone could find something they love there!

While I was at Growler Guys, I also tasted an amazing beer from Lost Coast Brewery, but more information on them next week. Stay tuned to learn which beer I liked the most from Lost Coast Brewery!

Anyway, I got to try five different ciders. All the ciders from WildCraft are made from all natural ingredients. There is no additional water or yeast.

The first cider I tried was the Wild Plum Cider (ABV 7.5%). Literally all that is in the cider is Mirabelle Plums and apples. I was shocked at how much flavor two simple ingredients could pack. The plums are fermented and then added to the existing cider. The cider was amazing. It was slightly tart, but almost tasted like a really yummy wine to me! This is only one example of how WildCraft uses Oregon grown whole fruit to make the best cider ever!

The next cider I tried was a seasonal cider, the Native Botanical Blackberry Cider. I highly suggest running and grabbing this ASAP! WildCraft combines blackberry and gin botanicals.

Next was WildCraft’s bestseller, the Wild Rose cider (ABV 6.9%). The Wild Rose cider is WildCraft’s apple cider infused with unopened rosebuds. This gives the cider a fabulous and unique flavor.

Next was the Imperial Homestead Hopped (ABV 8%). Letting IBUs guide my tasting was the right call with the cider. This cider has 35 IBUs and I loved it!

The last cider I tried was a Sage Cider. The owner Sean Kelly actually ferments the sage leaves. I didn’t even know it was possible to ferment sage, but hey you learn something new everyday!

My key takeaways from this tasting were that I really am in love with just about any dry cider especially if it comes from WildCraft! I learned that some of the best ciders come from Oregon grown ingredients that I didn’t even know you could ferment! Ciders are not just the typical “girly” drink; WildCraft is the perfect example of this. I also put IBUs to the test and I, in fact, should always let them guide my tastings!

Most importantly I learned which beers I can get year round (Wild Plum. Wild Rose and the Imperial Homestead Hopped) and which ones I should snag quickly (Native Botanical Blackberry and Sage).

If you see any WildCraft Ciders in store you should scoop them up quickly especially if it is seasonal, because next week that cider may be gone. A lot of care and love goes into each batch and the hard work pays off in a delicious dry, flavorful cider!

– Sierra


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