Due to the abundance of local breweries in Southern Oregon, I have found somewhat of a passion for good beer. It is hard to not draw an interest towards a variety of delicious beers in the area. As a student and athlete, there are few things better than coming home after an exhausting day to a nice, cold IPA with citric tones, and a balanced amount of bitterness.
– Malia
I am a huge fan of craft beer. Beer is my drink of choice when I go out with friends! I prefer light, easy drinking beers. I prefer beers with less hoppy or bitter flavor. Blonde Ales and Pilsners tend to be my go to choices. I am not a fan of most IPAs, they are way to hoppy for my taste. I also like fruit beers. They have a unique taste and tend to be tasty and easy to drink by a fire pit!
– Sierra
Craft Beer sure makes this college girl hoppy…I mean happy. Hey I am Taylor Hansen and a senior majoring in Communication Studies at Southern Oregon University, Oregon Born and raised. When it comes to craft beer my go to is Pale Ale’s or Blondes…just like myself.
– Taylor
PBR and whiskey are typically my drinks of choice, but I’ll branch out of my comfort zone and try some IPAs and such for y’all.
– Danielle
I can’t say I’m a beer expert but I love going out with my friends and having a good beer. With that in mind, most of my writing will be from a fun, honest and easy going perspective. I also love having conversations about what others are dinking so feel free to hit me up on Twitter: @cj_keepes
– CJ